About us

fairy cottageFairy Cottage Filling Station in its current form has been established since 1966. Mrs Ruby Midghall who was born on the Island has lived and worked there since and provided an unrivalled service.

Fairy Cottage Filling Station is the only remaining independent filling station on the Island and the only fully serviced forecourt.

Special arrangements for those vulnerable to oil theft. Customers may order 500 litres or more but we can split the delivery into smaller quantities so that your oil tank maintains a minimum level of oil consequently reducing the impact in the event of a theft.

Since 2006 when new regulations were introduced regarding petrol tanker deliveries the authorities issued a closure notice to Fairy Cottage. However, a rescue package was put in place by Andrew Smith, and fortunately Fairy Cottage did not close and has successfully continued as previously.

It now focuses on diesel and oil based products and importantly is still operated by Ruby and continues to offer the same unrivalled personal service. We are the Island's authorised distributor for GEM Oils and we now also supply a wide range of oil storage tanks both plastic and steel.

Fairy Cottage has now broadened its product base and unique business model. Recognising the dependence of so many on oil derived products Fairy Cottage has introduced a number of initiatives to assist households, businesses, schools and charities.

Since 2006 Fairy Cottage has consistently offered the cheapest pump prices for Regular Road Diesel on the Island and this continues.

Diesel, also known as white diesel, DERV, road diesel, is the standard product used in all road-going diesel powered trucks, vans and cars, and is the product commonly available from filling station forecourts.

In addition they offer monthly accounts to anyone, business, charities, schools and private customers alike with simple opening procedures. But there's more. For any business who spends over £500 per month there is a further 1p per litre discount. For charities and schools the same conditions apply on a monthly spend over £100.

Volatility in global oil prices adversely affect home heating oil (Kerosene) costs which continue to be a challenge for many people who find difficulty in satisfying the minimum order requirements of bulk deliveries (over 450 litres). Fairy Cottage has introduced two initiatives to combat this by offering Kerosene in smaller quantities and also assisting customers to manage and spread the cost. In addition they also offer bulk deliveries (over 500 litres) and welcome enquiries on Kerosene prices to offer a competitive quote.

For Churches, Charities and Education establishments ordering Kerosene a special discounted price may be agreed at the time of the enquiry.

Fairy Cottage also offer discounted Gasoil (Red) diesel for commercial use and bulk Marine diesel for fishing vessels and chartering yachts.

Fairy Cottage is open from 8:30am to 6pm Monday to Saturday and 9am to 5pm on Sundays.